Make Yourself a Priority A Women’s Health Event, November 5


Montclair, NJ – The Women’s Health Advisory Committee of HackensackUMC Mountainside invites women of all ages to participate in a free workshop and luncheon to learn how to better care for themselves and deal with the multitude of pressures they face every day.

The event will include timely keynote and luncheon speakers, plus the opportunity for attendees to choose from ten women’s health and wellness workshops, broken down into three sessions, based upon their individual needs. All workshops will be led by leading healthcare practitioners.

“Today, women take on numerous roles including providing financial support, caring for a home, shopping and cooking, and being a mom or a caregiver of an older relative,” explains Dr. Jan Huston, chairperson. “Juggling has become a big part of a woman’s everyday life and it is imperative that women learn how to take the time, and gain the knowledge needed, to take care of themselves.”

The event was developed as a result of the understanding by the HackensackUMC Mountainside Women’s Health Advisory Committee that the committee has access to a distinguished group of women providers who are willing and able to share a wealth of information with other women. Council members include Chairperson Dr. Jan Huston, Anne Baldwin, Dr. Renee Baskerville, Dr. Angela Salanitro Bellizzi, Margaret Brodowski, Dawn Diamond, Cheryl Fromhold, Dr. Gayon Hyatt, and Mona Shah.

Being a true community partner, the council wanted to bring together those resources with members of the community to help improve the lives of women. To that end, an offsite location was chosen, Montclair’s Salvation Army Building, which offers a friendly environment with easy access and parking.

We have arranged a forum that is comfortable and interactive so women can learn and ask about women’s health issues. We hope this is a start in making a lasting impact on their individual health,” said Dr. Huston.

Attendance will be limited to a total of 50 attendees with 15 maximum per workshop. Limited childcare will be available and must be requested at time of registration.

The event on November 5, 2016 will run from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Building, 13 Trinity Place in Montclair, NJ. To register call 888-973-4674 or visit

Workshop Schedule

*Keynote Address : Legislative Policies that Impact Women’s Health

Speaker: Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter, 35th District, Director of Behavioral Health, HackensackUMC Mountainside

State government funding and regulatory actions can significantly impact the quality and availability of women’s health services. Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter, M.B.A., HackensackUMC Mountainside’s Director of Behavioral Health and an experienced behavioral health professional, will provide an insider’s view of what happens when politics and public health intersect. She will cover the NJ Legislature’s seven-year crusade to reinstate funding for women’s health, activities of the Assembly’s standing committee on children and women’s issues and other relevant, timely developments in Trenton.  


 *Luncheon Address: Putting Yourself First

Speaker: Dr. Ki-Sook Yoo

Too often, women are too busy to focus on their own physical and mental health. Their own needs are put on the back burner while they attend to their families, careers and other responsibilities. However, to best serve others, women must first help themselves. Psychiatrist Dr. Yoo will share insights into how stress can erode both your mental and physical health. Strategies to better cope with the hectic demands of everyday life and make your own needs a priority will also be addressed. 


*Zika, Cold, Flu – Don’t Let Them Bug You!  Dr. Theresa Soroko

HackensackUMC Mountainside’s Chief Medical Officer is also a distinguished, board-certified infectious disease specialist who will provide the facts about Zika and the connection between the unnecessary use of antibiotics for colds on the development of superbugs. Dr. Soroko will clearly interpret the most current, reliable information about Zika, the flu and other diseases caused by microbes and organisms. 


*Incontinence & Post Pregnancy Urology Issues? U R Not Alone! Dr. Konstantin Walmsley

A surprising number of women experience incontinence and other urological issues after childbirth but they’re too embarrassed to discuss them. At this workshop, board-certified urologist Dr. Konstantin Walmsley will summarize the most safe and effective treatment options for female specific urological problems and answer your questions.  

*Protect Your Reproductive Health Dr. Merieme Klobocista

Get the facts on protecting your reproductive health. This session will include frank talk by gynecologist Dr. Merieme Klobocista about the prevention of HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases, warning signs and symptoms of cervical cancers, and the importance of scheduling PAP smears for early detection of cervical cancer.   


*A Heart-to- Heart Talk About Cardiology Concerns  Dr. Harold Kim

Did you know that heart attack symptoms in women are often different than in men? This workshop will address prevention, including blood pressure, cholesterol and glycemic control, along with early warning signs of heart disease. Dr. Harold Kim, a board-certified cardiologist, will discuss how lifestyle choices can affect your cardiovascular system, showcase high-tech diagnostics including CT scans of the heart, and report on new treatment options.

*Think About Your Thyroid  Dr. Maris Davis

Did you know that thyroid irregularities are often linked to an inability to lose weight, type 2 diabetes and other health concerns? Go right to an expert – an experienced, board-certified endocrinologist – for details. Dr. Maris Davis of the Mountainside Medical Group will teach you the basics about thyroid disorders and respond to your questions.

*Pregnancy at a “Certain Age”  Dr. Peter Woroch and Dr. George Woroch

Many women are deferring the start of a family for a variety of reasons, which has resulted in the median age for pregnancy in the United States steadily increasing since the 1970s. Pregnancy after a “certain age” can be safe for both mother and baby if carefully managed with the help of appropriate physicians. Distinguished, board-certified obstetricians/gynecologists Dr. Peter Woroch and Dr. George Woroch will provide details and answer your questions.


*Eat Well, Feel Better Julie Ruff, RD

This workshop, led by knowledgeable and experienced registered dietitian Julie Ruff, RD, is sure to provide food for thought. It will feature tips to help you make healthier, more nutritious food choices – even when you’re on the go. Everything from sensible snacks to portion control will be addressed and your questions will be answered.


*Keep Abreast of Your Breast Health  Dr. Jan Huston

Dr. Huston, a nationally recognized opinion leader in the field of breast care, will share important information and address your questions about how to determine whether you’re a candidate for genetic testing and what the right screening regimen is to rule out breast cancer or pinpoint the disease in its earliest stage.

*Menopause is Manageable Dr. Karen Dias-Martin

Gynecologist Dr. Karen Dias-Martin discusses menopause and the treatment of its symptoms.  Here’s your opportunity to get the facts about everything from hormone replacement therapy to the female Viagra pill to how perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women can enjoy active, healthy and fulfilling lives.  

*Birth Control Briefing: Understand Your Options Dr. Gayon Hyatt

Choosing a method of contraception is a personal decision that should be made after taking into account numerous factors including your lifestyle, age and overall health. Family physician Dr. Gayon Hyatt will help you separate fact from fiction and better understand the pros and cons of various forms of birth control. 




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