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“My weight-loss story had a surprise ending.”
— Patty Tevletidis

I thought I would always be lonely
I look in the mirror today and simply can’t believe it’s not a stranger staring back at me. It seems like just yesterday that I was 29-years old, extremely overweight, and never been on a date. I guess I had resigned myself to a future of work and loneliness. Then one day, the proverbial light
my story
switch went off in my head. My niece had recently been born and I barely had the energy to pick her up and hold her in my arms.

The Moment of Truth
Right then and there I made a promise to myself that I needed to totally turn my life around and free myself from the weight that was literally killing me. I wanted to be around for my precious niece as she grew up. And maybe, somewhere in the back of my head, I thought how wonderful it would be to have a child of my own one day.
I wouldn’t put my trust in any other hospital
Once I made up my mind to have weight-loss surgery, there was never any doubt in my mind which hospital I would choose. After all, my parents had always put their trust in HackensackUMC Mountainside for so many years; it just made sense to trust them as well. The very next day, my father and I went to HackensackUMC Mountainside, found out about their weight-loss surgery, and met the doctor who would soon save my life, Dr. Karl Strom, Director of Bariatric Surgery. The minute I met him, I felt a comfort level and just knew I had made the right decision.

I lost over 190 pounds
In November 2004, my surgery was performed by Dr. Strom. The surgery went off without a hitch, and I lost over 190 pounds during the course of a year — I went from a size 28 to a size 10! I felt like a new woman and had all the energy I needed to play with my precious niece, exercise regularly and finally live a healthy lifestyle.

My life was finally complete
Then, an amazing thing happened. I went out on the first date of my entire life with a wonderful guy who was just a friend from a few years back. I guess you could say that first date went pretty well. We’ve been married for five years now and have a beautiful baby boy, Simon John. I really couldn’t ask for a happier ending to my story, and I owe it all to Mountainside and Dr. Strom.