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Evaluations & Therapy

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Dysphagia Evaluations:
Evaluating adults with swallowing disorders, we examine oral motor functioning, oral and pharyngeal phase of swallow. We then make diet modification recommendations and help to improve swallowing abilities and reduce the risk of aspiration of food/liquids. We also determine the need for objective testing of the swallow in the form of a video esophagram.

Dysphagia Therapy/VitalStim®: In this program, we teach swallowing strategies for improved swallowing ability, perform motor exercises to increase swallowing ability and when appropriate utilize VitalStim® (NMES-Neuromuscular electrical Stimulation) to strengthen the muscles of swallowing.

Pediatric Speech and Language Evaluations:  We evaluate pediatrics ages 18 months and up. Using standardized assessment measures, we determine presence or absence of language disorders, language delays, articulation/phonological disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders and apraxia of speech.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy: Therapeutic intervention is provided for children, ages 18 months or older, diagnosed with speech, language, voice or fluency disorders.

Video Esophagrams: Objective swallowing evaluations are performed with a radiologist to determine absence or presence of oral or pharyngeal swallowing disorders.  All studies are recorded on DVD for viewing by SLP and other medical professionals. Patients are given varying consistencies of barium and barium laced foods to view the oral and pharyngeal swallows.

Oromyofunctional Evaluations and Therapy: Also referred to as “tongue thrust” therapy, this program starts with evaluations to determine the absence or presence of a reverse swallow pattern. This disorder can negatively impact on speech production skills and dental alignment.  Many clients are referred prior to or during orthodontic treatment to remediate the swallow so that it does not interfere with orthodontic treatment.

Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment: This program offers therapeutic intervention for children and adults with auditory processing deficits. We provide training to improve the ability to process auditory information and teach strategies to enable success in academics, in the workplace or in life.

Aphasia/Dysarthria Evaluations and Therapy: This enables us to identify and evaluate patients with language and speech deficits resulting from CVA, brain injury, Parkinson’s as well as a number of other diagnoses. We determine the appropriate course of therapy and provide therapeutic intervention to increase language and speech for functional communication.

Voice Evaluations and Therapy: Patients referred primarily from ENT are evaluated to determine extent of voice disorder and determine treatment plan for remediation of dysphonia. Many of the diagnoses include vocal nodules and polyps, vocal cord edema, and vocal cord paresis and paralysis.

As part of our commitment to the community, we also offer:

  • Preschool speech-language screenings at local preschools.
  • Annual community education programs which include pediatric speech and language development and voice care and voice disorders.
  • Participation in May is Better Speech and Hearing Month, including providing education about HackensackUMC Mountainside's Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology – and information regarding speech, language, swallowing, fluency, tongue thrust, aphasia and dysarthria.
  • In 2009 we hosted an information table and appeared on a local televised talk show.
  • Education for nursing staff, nurses’ aides and other hospital staff regarding swallowing disorders.
  • Education for nursing students on swallowing disorders.
  • Closed-circuit television programming for caregivers, parents to view therapy and evaluation sessions.
For more information contact:
HackensackUMC Mountainside Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology: 973-429-6011.