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The Wound Care Center

Helping the body restore its natural healing process

For most of us, the healing of a wound is a natural process that never requires a second thought. But imagine you have a wound that won’t heal, even after a month. It can be frightening – and often debilitating. Non-healing wounds are often a fact of life for diabetics, patients undergoing radiation therapy and people with certain skin diseases. Treating chronic, non-healing wounds is the specialty of the Wound Care Center at HackensackUMC Mountainside. Our wound care experts will first study the wound and assess the barriers to healing. Then, working with your personal physician, we will implement an individualized treatment plan. In many cases we can treat a non-healing wound without surgery and on an outpatient basis. We even offer the flexibility of designing a home care plan with the assistance of family and community health resources such as a visiting nurse.

A Multidisciplinary Network for Complete Treatment

The underlying causes of non-healing wounds can be varied, so we built a multidisciplinary team of experts supported by many departments of the hospital. Our team consists of board-certified physicians with wound care expertise, endocrinologists for diabetes patients, general and vascular surgeons, reconstructive plastic surgery specialists, infectious disease experts, podiatrists and others. Our team stands ready to work in a collaborative manner to help treat non-healing wounds in the most effective way possible

To schedule an appointment, please call (973) 873-7787