BLOG: Choosing a Primary Care Physician

Finding the right physician for yourself or a family member is a personal choice and can take some time.  People choose their doctors based on a variety of factors and what is important to some people, may not necessarily be as important to others.  
Open communication is a key component to managing your health.  It’s important that you are comfortable speaking with the physician and trusting this practitioner to guide you on a path towards health and wellness.  Developing an ongoing relationship with your PCP can help you stay well through routine exams and general health inquires.  
Here are a few things to consider when identifying a new provider:
Find a professional with expertise around your medical needs
Do you have a chronic or existing condition that needs attention? 
Visit the physician in the office
Do you like the doctor and the practice team?
Figure out the details
Does this doctor accept my insurance?
Ask for recommendations
Which physicians do your friends/family use?
People who establish a personal relationship with their primary doctor experience better health and quality of life.  Mountainside Medical Group is available and taking new patients, click here to learn more.  
Paul Woroch, M.D. is an internal medicine physician with Mountainside Medical Group. 


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