BLOG: The Well Woman Exam

Vanesa Parisi, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Well Woman Exam

Your well woman exam is the foundation for your health, health promotion, disease identification and wellness throughout your life. Healthy living and early detection doesn’t only lengthen your life, but, even more important, it greatly improves your quality of living.

Seeing your gynecologist every year gives you the chance to talk to us about your health concerns, learn about your health and changes in the body, and also gives you the opportunity to learn about any new health trends.  Visiting your gynecologist regularly will provide you with a safe haven to discuss any concerns you might have about your sexual health, depression, infections and other topics that you may not be comfortable talking about with a family member or friend.  As your doctors, we are here for you, and guarantee confidentiality. 

There are three parts to a well woman exam:

  • Annual Exam – It is important for women to receive an annual medical exam, which includes blood work to check for anemia and other conditions.
  • Clinical Breast Exam – This exam should be offered in the office for all women regardless of age. For women 40 years and older, or those at high risk, an annual screening mammogram is recommended.
  • Pelvic Exam – This exam determines if your sexual and reproductive parts and organs are healthy.  This includes an annual pap-smear for women, generally begin at age 21. 

The physicians at Mountainside Medical Group are dedicated to providing the best medical care for women of all ages.  To find your OB/GYN at Mountainside Medical Group, click here.

Join me at Mountainside Medical Center on Monday November 13th from 5:30-6:30pm, where I will be hosting Woman to Woman: An Open Dialogue on Women’s Health.  I’ll be available to answer any of your questions about women’s health issues, including contraception, postpartum depression, menopause, sexual health and more. Register here.

Vanessa Parisi, M.D., is and OB/GYN with Mountainside Medical Group.



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