Advanced Bariatrics

Come and find out

To qualify for insurance coverage of weight loss surgery, many insurers require patients to have a history of medically supervised weight loss efforts. If you are curious about weight loss and bariatric surgery in northern New Jersey, consider attending one of our monthly no-cost seminars presented by Dr. Karl Strom, Medical Director of Center for Advanced Bariatric Surgery at HackensackUMC Mountainside. You will learn about the types of bariatric weight loss surgeries we perform, and you will hear some of our success stories as well.

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Discuss with your physician

Another option is to discuss the surgery with your primary physician, who can refer you to our weight loss team. At that point we will work with you to provide an individualized evaluation to determine if bariatric surgery is an appropriate option. We will also help you determine if your insurance covers the surgery.

Answer these questions to determine if you are a candidate

  • Are you having difficulty with physical activity because of your weight?
  • Has your weight led to other health issues?  Click here to learn about obesity-related health conditions.
  • Is your BMI above 35? Click here to measure your BMI.
  • If you have answered “yes” to these questions, you may be a candidate.

Concerned about the risk of weight loss surgery?

Our staff provides an extensive pre-operative testing process that minimizes surgical risk. Here are some informational links you’ll find helpful to learn about a candidate’s condition and the process to address it.


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