Personalized Cancer

Exceptional care, state-of-the-art technology 


John Conti, M.D. Medical Director Cancer Center

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you need to make the right decisions right away – and, one of the best places to turn for help is close to home.

The Cancer Center at Mountainside Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of services and a caliber of care that’s unsurpassed at larger urban centers, as well as access to promising clinical breakthroughs, in a convenient location and a comfortable setting that promotes recovery and wellness.

From advanced technology to experienced, compassionate specialists who’ll put the most current and effective treatment options to work for you, the best cancer care can be found right in your own community at Mountainside  Medical Center. 

A dedicated team skilled in the best treatment options

At the Mountainside  Medical Center Cancer Center, we’re experienced, compassionate and committed to providing superior care. We offer:

  • Sophisticated diagnostic resources- The first step in treating and beating cancer is diagnosis. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, physicians who are experts in diagnostic radiology and pathology work in coordination with oncologists to thoroughly investigate and understand each patient’s condition before our Cancer Committee recommends next steps.
  • Collaborative case review- Our Cancer Committee comprised of medical, surgical and radiation oncology subspecialists meets weekly for a collaborative conference to determine the best course of action for every patient.
  • Comprehensive care by distinguished specialists and opinion leaders- Our medical, surgical and radiation oncology team includes physicians who are regionally and nationally recognized in their respective fields.
  • Infusion services - Our center emphasizes safety, comfort and convenience for patients who require chemotherapy and/or non-chemo IV treatment.
  • Genetic counseling-Compassionate experts provide patients with the information required to make informed decisions.
  • Access to promising treatments and clinical trials-We’re on top of cutting-edge treatments and we ensure our patients access to them.
  • Psychosocial support-From the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond, we help our patients and their families cope with all of the implications of cancer.
  • Palliative support - Supports you and your doctor on symptom management and goals of care.
  • Community outreach programs – We’re getting the word out to promote prevention and offering screenings to detect, fight and beat cancer.
  • Cancer Registry-Cancer registrars are data information specialists that capture a complete history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status for every cancer patient in the U.S. The data provide essential information to researchers, healthcare providers, and public health officials to better monitor and advance cancer treatments, conduct research, and improve cancer prevention and screening programs.

Our Commitment to Our Patients: Superior, Personalized Care

The Mountainside Medical Center Cancer Center provides kind, personalized assistance and superior clinical care including access to the best doctors and techniques; advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies; and a complete spectrum of healing services for the mind, body and spirit.

Commended by the Commission on Cancer, highly ranked in NJ

We have a successful track record treating a variety of cancers including lymphomas, breast, GYN, liver, lung, melanoma, and prostate.  In fact, the Mountainside  Medical Center Cancer Center has been accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer with commendation,a designation awarded to only about a quarter of all cancer care hospitals nationwide. We also rank among the top third of 51 licensed cancer programs in New Jersey.

That means you can count on us for:

  • Quality care close to home
  • State-of-the-art services and technology
  • A multispecialty, coordinated approach
  • The best available treatment options
  • Compassionate support
  • Information about clinical trials and recent breakthroughs
  • All of the services and skills needed for healing

Every aspect of our cancer care is top-notch

Our team includes:

  • Board-certified medical, surgical and radiation oncologists
  • Compassionate, experienced oncology- and infusion-certified nurses
  • Pharmacists with board certifications in oncology and pharmacotherapy
  • Registered, certified radiology technicians and laboratory professionals
  • Knowledgeable registered dietitians
  • Licensed clinical social workers experienced in working with cancer patients and their families
  • Chaplains to provide spiritual support and guidance
  • Dedicated volunteers, including many who have personally battled and survived  cancer
  • Compassionate, Oncology Certified and highly experienced Professional Nurses
  • Oncology Nurse Navigator
  • Palliative Care APN

Take control and beat cancer

We empower our patients to take control of their treatment and recovery. We’ll carefully evaluate your condition; clearly and compassionately explain our findings and your treatment options; and, support you and your family throughout your journey to wellness.

Click here to read about a patient’s experience with the Mountainside  Medical Center Cancer Center in her own words.

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