Imaging and Diagnostics

We emphasize screening and early detection in order to facilitate early intervention – and early cures. We provide risk assessment and genetic counseling for BRCA1, BRCA2 and other genes that predispose women to breast cancer. As part of our commitment to your health, comfort and peace of mind, we offer:

  • MRI breast coil imaging: We are proud to be the area leader in this noninvasive, diagnostic imaging technology that allows us to view hundreds of high-quality, detailed images without compressing your breasts.
  • MRI-guided breast biopsies: Performed by board-certified radiologists, this MRI-guided tumor localization and biopsy technology is relatively painless, can be performed in less than an hour and has virtually no potential complications.
  • Digital mammography stereotactic breast procedures
  • Digital mammography with computer-aided diagnosis
  • Genetic counseling for risk assessment
  • Screening mammography
  • Breast ultrasonography
  • Sentinel lymph node mapping

An extraordinary blend of therapies and techniques

At HackensackUMC Mountainside, patients benefit from our highly experienced and extraordinarily trained medical oncology group. Surgical options include conservation surgery, sentinel node biopsy, skin-sparing mastectomy, and other reconstructive surgical options. By integrating the newest techniques, we are able to blend standard, proven approaches to the treatment of breast cancer with clinical trials, the newest drugs and promising treatments such as anti-angiogenesis therapy and antibody therapy.

A thorough and fast analysis of your tests

The Center also offers genetic testing and risk analysis, as well as additional resources, including physical therapy and nutritional guidance, to give patients every advantage in the fight against cancer.

Your diagnostic tests receive a complete multidisciplinary case review - giving you access to the knowledge, skill and expertise of our team of medical experts. Through regularly scheduled treatment planning conferences, your case is confidentially discussed and reviewed by this collaborative team to determine the best individualized treatment plan, if necessary. In addition, we keep your personal physician informed and involved with your treatment every step of the way.


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