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Dysphagia Evaluations

For adults with swallowing disorders, we examine oral motor functioning, as well as the oral and pharyngeal phase of swallow. We make diet modification recommendations, provide motor exercises to improve swallowing abilities and reduce the risk of aspiration of food/liquids. We also perform video esophagrams.

Dysphagia Therapy

This program teaches strategies and motor exercises to improve swallowing ability. When appropriate, VitalStim® (NMES-neuromuscular electrical stimulation) treatments are used to strengthen swallowing muscles.

Pediatric Speech and Language Evaluations

We evaluate children age 16 months and older using standardized assessment measures to determine the presence or absence of language disorders, language delays, articulation/phonological disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders and apraxia of speech.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Therapeutic intervention is provided for children age 16 months or older who have been diagnosed with speech, language, voice or fluency disorders.

Video Esophagrams (Modified Barium Swallow)

Performed by a radiologist, this test provides an objective swallowing evaluation to determine the absence or presence of oral or pharyngeal swallowing disorders.  Patients are given barium or barium laced foods to facilitate viewing oral and pharyngeal swallows during this procedure. Study results are recorded for analysis by all authorized professionals who are working with a patient.

Oromyofunctional “Tongue Thrust” Evaluations and Therapy

This program includes evaluations to determine the absence or presence of a reverse swallow pattern. Since this  disorder can negatively impact dental alignment as well as speech production skills,  many clients are referred prior to or during orthodontic treatment to ensure that a reverse swallow pattern does not interfere with orthodontic treatment.

Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment

This program offers therapeutic intervention for children and adults with auditory processing deficits. We provide training to improve the ability to process auditory information and teach strategies to enable success in academics, in the workplace and in day-to-day life.  

Aphasia/Dysarthria Evaluations and Therapy

This process enables us to identify and evaluate patients with language and speech deficits resulting from CVA, brain injury, Parkinson’s and other diagnoses. We determine the appropriate course of therapy and provide therapeutic intervention to increase language and speech function.

Voice Evaluations and Therapy

Patients, referred primarily by ear, nose and throat specialists (also known as ENTs or otolaryngologists),  are evaluated to determine the extent of voice disorders and establish a treatment plan for concerns related to varied conditions including vocal nodules and polyps, vocal cord edema, vocal cord paresis and paralysis.

For more information, please contact the HackensackUMC Mountainside Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology at 973-429-6011.


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