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Why Choose Mountainside Medical Center

The Thoracic Surgery Service at Mountainside Medical Center aims to improve patient care and patients' outcomes. Our approach is simple: timely, high quality care with an emphasis on you.Recent medical research (Damico, 2017) has documented that a short time interval from diagnosis to definitive treatment is critical to achieving the best cancer cure results. We understand patients diagnosed with lung cancer and other chest disorders often face complex, time-consuming testing to define the status of their disease (staging).  These evaluations are essential to choosing the ideal treatment plan for the individual patient.  Our team has formulated an efficient pathway—from initial consultations, necessary testing, medical clearances, directly to treatment, whether surgery or other option—in a time frame that optimizes your chances for a cure.

State-of-art Care, Close to Home

Minimally Invasive

At Mountainside Medical Center, we are continuing to use innovative technology in new and exciting ways. Our surgical team has been active in VATS surgery since its inception, and has played a role in its development and instrumentation. With a minimally invasive Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) approach, surgery is performed through a one inch incision guided by a tiny camera, inserted through a second small incision on the patients' side.  Magnified images are projected onto a monitor and specially designed instruments are inserted to treat affected areas. VATS minimally invasive surgery is the method of choice at Mountainside Medical Center.  This means smaller chest incision, shorter hospital stays, less postoperative pain, and a more rapid return to a normal life.

ON-Q* Pain Relief System, Limiting opioids

It has also been noted in enhanced recovery protocols involving surgery of different types that patients given significant opioid pain relief in the hospital recover slower and have increased length of stay.  We at Mountainside Medical Center have designed a protocol that significantly limits and in some cases eliminates opioid postoperative medications.  Utilizing ongoing infusions of numbing medications directly onto the nerves near the incision, patients experience significant pain relief without the need for epidural spinal catheters and without the negative producing side effects of opioids.  Patients are mobile from the outset of their recovery from major thoracic surgery.  This is utilized in both open and minimally invasive surgery. Mountainside Medical Center is one of the only hospitals, in the area, offering this unique alternative to standard pain control.

Tumor marker analysis, custom tailored therapy

We take great pride in offering tumor biomarker analysis to all of our oncology patients.  Each tumor is examined to assess the unique molecular biology to help oncologists personalize cancer therapy. Mutations are defined to steer treatment recommendations.  By comparing the tumors biomarkers with data from clinical studies from thousands of the world's leading cancer researchers, we provide oncologists information about which chemotherapy and/or other treatments are likely to be most effective and which treatments are likely to be ineffective for each patient – enabling the delivery of precision medicine. This comes at no cost to you.

We are a Cancer Center

Mountainside Medical Center is recognized by American College of Surgeons Designated Cancer Center. As such, it meets stringent standards in the management of all cancers. Its cancer program is reviewed regularly and subject to strict evaluation by the American College of Surgeons, which oversees much of cancer care throughout the United States. We value our ability to access a full range of expert physician opinions in the form of Tumor Board. Here, we are able to review your individual case & collaborate with an elite committee of multidisciplinary specialists. We are proud of this prestigious designation and what it means: Cancer Care Second to None.

A Life-long Journey

Your journey with us does not stop at surgery. We perform ongoing surveillance on all our patients. We are Here, Every Step of the Way.

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