Mountainside Celebrates 120th Anniversary

July 25, 2011 04:10 PM

he tradition of service began with a woman named Margaret Jane Merewether Power, a preacher's daughter who came from England to Montclair in 1874. One summer day in 1890 she encountered a child who had fallen from a third-story window. Upset that there was no nearby healthcare facility where the child could be helped, she called on other women in her social circle to find a solution - marking the birth of Mountainside Hospital. 

By 1891, a three-story cottage had been purchased, and Mountainside officially began its mission of "caring for, curing and nurturing the sick and injured." Today, over a century later, Mountainside Hospital is still carrying out that mission.  

With 365 beds and 820,000 square feet in total, Mountainside Hospital has come a long way from that small cottage, but some things remain the same. Patient focused, community oriented, conveniently located and equipped with technology that rivals the nation's most prestigious healthcare systems, Mountainside Hospital continues to deliver the compassion and commitment that began 120 years ago with Mrs. Power.

Merit Walk
Mountainside Hospital employees and their family members marched in the Montclair 4th of July parade in celebration of our 120th anniversary.




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