Mountainside Enhances Cardiac Carew with Arctic Sun Technology

July 5, 2011 04:01 PM
Mountainside Hospital recently strengthened its position as a leading cardiac care provider by adding Arctic Sun technology to its collection of state-of-the-art tools used by doctors to save lives and reduce the risk of brain damage for heart attack patients. 
“Cooling the body’s temperature, also known as inducing hypothermia, is a proven technique for avoiding or minimizing neurological damage associated with cardiac arrest.  Arctic Sun is an innovative tool that rapidly facilitates and sustains controlled hypothermia, allowing us to provide further urgent care after resuscitation,” explained Dr. Marjory Langer, Director of Emergency Medicine at Mountainside and a board-certified specialist in that discipline.  
“We’ve all heard stories about people who fall through ice into frigid winter water, are rescued unconscious, and later are able to be revived. These remarkable recoveries are due to hypothermia and that same condition can now be created in a clinical setting when medically necessary,” she said.  
Arctic Sun is a painless, non-invasive treatment that involves wrapping the patient in a special “cold suit” that circulates cool water around the chest and upper thighs. The suit lowers the patient’s body temperature to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, a level determined to help prevent the onset of irreversible brain damage. The patient is sedated throughout the cooling process and slowly returned to normal body temperature when physicians deem appropriate.
By July 1, Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) physicians and nurses at Mountainside will be trained in the use of the Arctic Sun equipment along with other interested physicians who are affiliated with the hospital.
“The acquisition of Arctic Sun technology is consistent with our commitment to expand and enhance the caliber of care we provide for the most serious and potentially deadly conditions we’re called upon to treatment,” said John Fromhold, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mountainside Hospital.  “Whenever a heart attack occurs, our goal is to provide residents of this community with a level of skilled cardiac care that surpasses community hospital standards and mirrors those of the most highly respected, major cardiac centers. Our investment in this technology will undoubtedly save lives and prevent some local heart attack victims from experiencing devastating brain damage.”  


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