Mountainside Expands Intensivist Program

July 19, 2011 04:04 PM
Mountainside Hospital has expanded and enhanced the caliber of inpatient care in its Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units (MICU and SICU) with the addition of new sub-specialty board-certified critical care physicians who will be on-duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The changes to the Intensivist Program, which took effect on July 1, will better serve the needs of the hospital’s most seriously ill patients.
"As Intensivists, we’re specially trained to work in the ICU monitoring and managing patients with complex, life-threatening conditions that impact multiple systems of the human body,” observed Dr. Kush Dholakia, the newly appointed Medical Director of the Mountainside Intensivist team who is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care and Neuro-Critical Care. “There have been significant advances in the field of Critical Care in recent years and it’s constantly evolving. Our work involves the use of numerous invasive devices and interpretation of the data they provide.”  
“The role of the Intensivists is to partner with attending physicians, surgeons, specialists in other disciplines and hospital staff to ensure that ICU patients receive care consistent with the medical profession’s best practices,” he said. “We’re looking forward to working collaboratively with our colleagues to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction for all who receive treatment in Mountainside’s ICUs.” The hospital’s Intensivist team also includes Dr. Lopa Patel, Dr. Justin Pi and Dr. Ali Elsayed.
Scientific evidence and national hospital studies suggest that Intensivist care is directly linked to improved quality and reduced mortality rates. In fact, since an Intensivist Program was implemented at Mountainside in September, 2009, ICU patients have experienced a reduction in complications, ventilator use and length of stay.  
“Our goal is to provide area residents with convenient access to critical care that exceeds traditional community hospital standards and mirrors those of the most highly regarded major medical centers,” said John Fromhold, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mountainside Hospital. “The expansion of our Intensivist Program complements other enhancements we’ve made to our Cancer and Cardiac Care programs.”


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