Mountainside Hospital Conducts Chemical Attack Drill

September 22, 2010 12:42 PM

Mountainside Hospital recently took part in a drill designed to enhance its ability to respond to a chemical attack. The simulation, conducted on Thursday, September 16, was staged in conjunction with emergency management officials from Essex County and the City of Newark.
Over 40 members of the Mountainside staff including physicians, nurses and security personnel were involved in the exercise and volunteers played the role of “victims.”  The team simulated its response to a scenario involving the release of a chemical contaminant at Newark Liberty Airport that resulted in large numbers of exposed people appearing at Mountainside and other area hospitals for treatment.  To ensure authenticity, the hospital set up a tent on its grounds for contaminated patients, some personnel donned decontamination “space suits” and “victims” were hosed down.
The drill was part of the hospital’s ongoing, year round disaster preparedness program which includes annual scenario-based drills. Last year’s drill involved an H1N1 flu pandemic theme.



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