Mountainside Hospital Enhances Surgical Capabilities with Robotic Surgery

October 21, 2011 04:22 AM

Montclair, NJ -- While the name daVinci may evoke one image in the world of art, in the field of medicine it’s associated with enhanced surgical techniques that can reduce patient discomfort, shorten recovery time and minimize the risk of complications. Mountainside Hospital is now one of a select group of hospitals in New Jersey equipped to offer surgical procedures performed with state-of-the-art, third-generation daVinci technology.
Leading surgeons who have extensive robotic surgery experience are now performing gynecological and urological procedures at the hospital, assisted by specially trained surgical nurses and support staff. Additional physicians will train on an in-house simulator, a learning and skill-building resource found at just a few hospitals statewide.
“The daVinci is an innovative tool that can enhance the capabilities of the most talented surgeons by extending their range of motion, accessibility and visibility,” said Dr. James Saidi, Medical Director of Robotics at Mountainside and a board-certified urologist who has successfully performed over 160 procedures using daVinci. “Many surgeries performed with robotic surgery are even less invasive than the most minimally invasive laparoscopy alternatives and that translates into a shorter hospital stay, less discomfort and inconvenience for most robotic surgery patients.”
The robotic surgery procedures are performed in a traditional operating room with a complete surgical team. However, rather than being positioned at the operating table, the surgeon is seated at a nearby console. From that vantage point, the surgeon controls the robot which functions as the doctor’s hands. High resolution, 10x magnification, 3D images transmitted by the robot, the miniaturized size of the robot’s surgical “hands” and its agility, make it possible for the surgeon to achieve greater precision.
“This enhancement to our surgical program is consistent with our goal of providing our community with convenient access to a caliber of care that exceeds traditional community hospital standards and mirrors those of the most highly regarded major medical centers,” said John Fromhold, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mountainside Hospital. “I’m confident that our very talented, dedicated surgical team will make optimal use of this new technology.”
“Our $1.8 million investment in surgical robotics is the latest in a series of strategic investments that we’ve made to service lines that address the needs of patients of all ages,” Fromhold said. “We’re committed to upholding Mountainside’s distinguished 120-year tradition of caring for generations of area residents by ensuring that our hospital keeps pace with medical and technological innovations.”
In the past two years, Mountainside Hospital has expanded its Perinatology and Neonatology Programs for expectant mothers and their newborns; established a dedicated Geriatric Psychiatry Unit to help alleviate a regional shortage of specialized inpatient care for a growing population of seniors; launched a state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Program to serve patients with persistent wounds due to diabetes and other health concerns; and made numerous enhancements to emergency and critical care services including the acquisition of Arctic Sun technology for the treatment of heart attack patients and new ventilators for its Intensive Care Units.



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