No HackensackUMC Mountainside patient is denied care based on a third-party determination. In conjunction with your physician, our case manager, social worker and financial counselor will work closely with you and your family. They will help identify an alternate care setting, payment arrangements, help from charitable agencies and organizations, or in some cases, reductions in your bill.

About your bill

Most insurance carriers take 30 to 45 days to process a claim, after which the hospital will seek your assistance in getting paid. If a claim is not paid within 75 days, the hospital will consider the bill a patient’s responsibility.

You should verify the accuracy of any bill when you receive it, and compare statements from the hospital and insurance carrier to ensure that they are in agreement. Also, follow up with the insurance carrier or hospital if you have not received a bill or notice of payment within 45 days of service. Insurance carriers frequently deny claim submissions after 60 days, and payment for late submissions may be considered your responsibility. You should assist the hospital in appealing to the insurance carrier for any services that are not paid. Your prompt payment of deductibles or coinsurance is appreciated.

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